Get a Life!


You, the reader, should not take this negatively; what I mean is: make your life meaningful, interesting, and even ENVIABLE! A moment from past training often crosses my mind regarding this topic; Dr. Tom Pomeranz often likes to stir up feelings within us and give us a different perspective when thinking about our lives and the lives of the people we support. “Do you have an enviable life? Do the people you support have an enviable life?”
Often times, the answer is NO! Well, there is no time like the present to change this. When we have a life, it becomes easier to help others “get a life” and find what they enjoy doing and how they can make their lives more meaningful and enviable. If you sit back and think long enough, you will begin to think of all the things you do, all the things you are responsible for, and you will begin to realize all of this defines you!

How can you help the people you support realize their likes, dislikes, preferences, hopes, dreams, goals, ambitions? Dig deeper! You can ask, observe, introduce, suggest, encourage, and support others. To get the brainstorming started, here are some things to discover with the person you support:
– Gardening?
– Exercising?
– Walk at a park
– Go to the Gym
– Swim
– Hike
– Religion/church?
– Community Activities?
– Sports? (To play and/or to watch)
– Bars/Live music?
– Karaoke?
– Restaurants?
– Art?
– DIY projects?
– Cooking?
– Learning something new? Classes at local college or school?
– Traveling? Plan a vacation!
– Going out for coffee and/or breakfast with friends?
– Museums? Zoo?
– Concerts?
– Beer/Wine tasting?
– Haunted houses?
– Races?
– Go-karts? Bumper cars?
– Camping
– Fishing
– Shopping/ “antiquing”/bargain finding

The list could continue on… Share your hobbies and your interests because this can lead to more opportunities for positive interactions and experiences in your life and in the lives of the people you support. Get a life!

Sarah Strong
ILC Director of Southeast Area Services in NEB