What We Do

ILC strives for excellence in all services. Our extensive services include residential, professional and personal. We stand alone in the quality of life that we offer to the people we support.

Personal Life

ILC is dedicated to providing world-class supports that foster the growth needed to attain fulfillment in all aspects of personal life including health and wellness, valued relationships, self-esteem, confidence, achievement, and dignity. Regardless of your aspirations, ILC will accommodate you in a variety of ways to help you reach your goals.

Individual working on farm

Professional Life

ILC extends supports to people of all needs and abilities in the workforce. We offer opportunities with farms, greenhouses, retail stores, workshops, vocational coaching and volunteering. ILC goes to extreme lengths to help people develop the job skills and experience necessary to be independently employed.

Extended Family Homes

Individual cooking at residential home

Extended family homes offer people the ability to utilize their unique attributes in order to contribute to the quality of the household. Individuals live with a provider who is dedicated to promoting independence in all aspects of personal life.

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