About ILC

About Integrated Life Choices

Striving to provide all people living with disabilities the opportunity to live a fulfilling life.


ILC was founded in 2006 to address some of the most pressing issues facing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. ILC has been working tirelessly since to improve and adapt the services it provides.

Whether someone needs minimal or pervasive supports, ILC will do whatever is needed in a safe, respectful and dignified manner.

 What We Do

ILC works with the Department of Health and Human Services to meet the needs of people in the community who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. When it has been determined that someone needs support, the Department of Health and Human Services works alongside one’s guardian to match them with an agency that will be the best fit.

We tailor specific supports to meet the needs of those we serve. ILC strives to be a world-class agency building the best team, and offering them the training and development they need to be successful at their job. ILC knows that without the best team, we cannot offer the best supports.

ILC is devoted to improving services, not only for the people it supports directly, but to people who are supported through other agencies. ILC encourages our team to present themselves, the services we provide, and the people we provide them to, with the dignity and respect they deserve. ILC is passionate about changing the tone of the conversation from one of deficits and degradation to one of opportunity and respect.

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Our Promise

To support people in living a fulfilling life.

Our Mission

Integrated Life Choices supports people throughout every stage of life by providing exceptional service from a quality team.

Our Values

  • Dedication: We are determined to provide the best person-centered supports to meet people’s needs throughout their lives.
  • Innovation: We create unique supports to meet each person’s needs.
  • Support: We encourage people to live a fulfilling life through independence and self-advocacy.
  • Integrity: We act ethically and honestly without compromising the truth.
  • Professionalism: We are a qualified team that is equipped to support people with respect and dignity.