ILC’s Positive Support Blog Series

 ILC Headquarters

When ILC started in 2006, we began with the goal of being the best provider to the consumers we served. Somewhere between the beginning of ILC and now, we realized that our sole focus should be supporting individuals. The contrast of the two ideas has completely reshaped how we think of our jobs and how they fit in the role of people’s lives.

We hope you share our passion of supporting people in living a fulfilling life. We no longer do for people, but with. Our job is not to clean a house and cook meals, but to support people in doing these tasks for themselves. Every day we should be focused on supporting people in living a life as a participant of society.

ILC has grown beyond our wildest expectations. More importantly, the positive impact we have made on the lives of the people we support continues to motivate us. No matter how far we’ve come, however, we will never be a finished product. We owe it to every individual who chooses us for their supports to constantly improve. As the world changes, we must continuously evolve in the way we administer supports and we rely on our team to accomplish that goal.

As 2015 begins, we want to focus our attention on ILC’s values and be mindful of what has made us successful. ILC’s five core values (dedication, innovation, support, integrity, and professionalism) define how we support people and how we treat our fellow team members. We will be sharing our thoughts on the core values and positive support tips in the coming blogs.

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